Savior Lifetec Corporation Appoints Dr. M. Sherry Ku New Chairman of the Board; Re-elects its Board of Directors and Supervisors

Savior Lifetec Corporation (GreTai Securities Market Code 4167) held its annual shareholders’ meeting on the morning of June 10, 2014. This was followed by the election of the company’s Board of Directors and Supervisors and a Board of Directors meeting. Dr. M. Sherry Ku was elected the new Chairman of the Board. Dr. Ku has over 30 years of experience, serving as a senior executive at Wyeth, Twi Pharma, and Ruen Huei Biopharmaceutical and leading their pharmaceutical development efforts. In her career she has overseen over 170 clinical leads, 85 IND filings, 7 NDAs filed,, 6 ANDAs filings, and over 40 published patents. Dr. Ku received her B.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from National Taiwan University. She then earned a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Ohio State University.