Employee-Employer Relationships

Employee-Employer Relationships

This document outlines the maintenance measures for employee welfare and benefits, advanced study, training and retirement and its implementation. It also includes information on employer / employee agreements and their rights and interests.


(1)Employee Welfare and Benefits

The Savior Lifetec Corporation (SLC) is based on integrity and aims to protect the rights and interests of all employees. All the management procedures and working rules have been set down in accordance with the Labor Standards Act of the Republic of China (ROC) to provide employees with the best possible salary, benefits and safe working environment.
The SLC is subject to the provisions of all the laws and regulations established in the ROC, including the national health insurance, and labor insurance, and to also provide group life insurance, and an annual medical examination. An Employee Welfare Comittee has been established at SLC with the intent to study and implement the provision of related benefit agreements and to increase employee welfare funds to provide for various welfare measures and activities.


(2)Advanced Study and Training

To enhance the professional and R&D skills, the SLC encourages employees to participate in a wide range of education and training courses, including new-employee training, on-job training, professional courses, security and safety courses and various study seminars on a number of topics, as well as continuing education and training courses related to various job functions to enhance skills and cultivate talent.

  • The company’s internal and external education and training on integrity management:

The company held internal and external education training related to integrity management issues in 2021(Including courses related to integrity managementcompliance, GMP, EHS, accounting system and internal control),2,827 participants, 5,756 hours in total。

(3)Retirement and Retirement Implementation

The SLC follows staff retirement regulations based on the Labor Standard Act of the ROC. The criteria for payment of worker pensions shall be as follows: Two basis points are given for each full year of service for the first 15 years of service. Those employees who have served over 15 years are given one basis point for each full year of service and the total number of basis point shall be no more than 45 points.
The payment of employee pension is calculated on the number of basis points accumulated of the service year and the monthly average wage of the last year for the retirement. The SLC, in accordance with the Labor Standards Act, provides payment to a retirement fund at the rate of 2% of the employees monthly salary which is saved in the Taiwan Bank under the name of the Labor Retirement Reserve Board.


Since the implementation of the Labor Pension Act on July 1st, 2005, the SLC has paid six percent of the salary into the Bureau of Labor Pension Personal Account, based on the service date of the individual employee. The payment of the employee's pension is based on the amount of accumulated earnings from the personal account and be paid by Lump-Sum or Monthly retirement payment.


(4)Agreement Between Employee and Employer

At SLC there is a strong concern for employee/employer relationships. SLC follows and often exceeds the standards and rules set forth in the ROC Labor Standards Act in all aspects of operations and management.
SLC set up a labor-management conference group in July of 2009 to hold regular meetings and establish a strong communication platform between labor and management so concerns may be discussed in a timely manner and harmonious relations maintained within all levels in the company.


(5)Maintaining Employee Rights and Interests

SLC has set rules and regulations in accordance with the ROC Labor Standards Act and ROC Law. The suggestions and opinions voiced during the regular labor-management conference meetings are considered and, if accepted, implemented in a timely manner.


SLC is comitted to improving working conditions and maintaining fairness with respect to employee rights. SLC is also comitted to all aspects of employee well being both in and outside the workplace.

SLC Zhunan factory obtained OHSAS 18001:2007 and TOSHMS CNS15506:2011 dual certification in September 2018.


(1)Operation Environment

At SLC procedures are in place for:
Annual operating environmental examinations to ensure the physical and mental health of employees.
Abnormal incidents reporting and investigation procedures, regular safety audits with 6S-on-site-inspection and continuous improvement based on recommendations for a more safe operation environment.
Smoke-free-environment makes all working areas be comfortable and healthy.


(2)Machinery and equipment

At SLC procedures are in place for:
 Constant revisions of the standard operating procedures (SOP) of machinery and related mechanical equipment to address concerns for safety, health and hygiene, which are in accordance with the Government Acts and Regulations, for the SLC staff following with.
 Regular on-site-inspections to ensure safety procedures are being well-followed while machinery and equipment are in operation.
 Regularly scheduled distribution of protective equipment, utensils and other safety materials to relevant personnel to ensure personnel health and safety.


(3)Education and Training

At SLC procedures are in place for:
Education and training are implemented in accordance with Government Act and Regulations for new employees, machinery operators and supervisors to obtain the relevant certificates of compliance.
 Continuous Environmental-Health-Safety (EHS) education, training and to promote a better understanding to enhance employee awareness of potential risks, inattention and neglegence during operational procedures and processes.  
Regular fire and earthquake drills are performed to ensure emergency incidents such as natural disasters or human errors are handled with a well-controlled plan, so that the danger to employees are eliminated or at least minimized.
Maintain an established fire-fighting system which is checked regularly with the local fire prevention and fire-fighting authority. Provide employees with appropriate fire prevention and fire-fighting training every year.


(4)Employee Health

At SLC procedures are in place for:
Health examinations are provided without cost to new employees before starting work at SLC and to all staff on an annual basis. Both are carried out in accordance with medically established wellness initiatives.


(5)Access Control

At SLC all areas are under control of a Security Guard and Access Limitation to maintain employee and facility safety management and security.


(6)Annual greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and total waste weight

The annual greenhouse gas emissions in 2018 were approximately 14,967 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, and the annual greenhouse gas emissions  in 2019 were approximately 12,311 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent;the total water consumption in 2018 was approximately 140,223 metric tons,and the total water consumption in 2019 was approximately 105,016 metric tons;The total amount of waste in 2018 is about 844 tons,and the total amount of waste in 2019 is about 484 tons.



(5)Access Control

At SLC all areas are under control of a Security Guard and Access Limitation to maintain employee and facility safety management and security.