Nanocrystal & Microspheres Platform

Nanocrystal Platform
Literature reports ~40% of all candidate drugs have poor utility due to their low solubility in water. The nanodrug particles range in size from 1-1000 nm and Nanotechnology can improve the delivery of insoluble drugs as depot injection.

SLC’s expertise in sterile crystallization, aseptic dry powder handling, and vialing using isolators serves as the foundation for product innovation. SLC has developed a patentable nanocrystal manufacturing process technology (U.S. patent application # US 62519983). The patented nanocrystal manufacturing platform is unique since we apply both bottom-up technology to control the crystallization process to product API of a few micron in size, and then apply top-down technology to reduce the micronized API to nanosized crystals.

Microspheres Platform
Microencapsulation is a time-tested injectable depot technology proven to enhance product cycle management. Microspheres provide constant and prolonged therapeutic effect. It also can reduce the dosing frequency and improve the patient compliance.

SLC has developed a patentable continuous microencapsulation process technology (Patent application # PCT/US18/14763). This continuous encapsulation process has demonstrated a narrow particle size distribution with negligible oversized or undersized microcapsules. It increases the yield for microencapsulation from < 50% to 70 - 90% and significantly reduces the cost-of-goods which is especially important for the very expensive peptide drugs used for diabetic and endocrinology treatment.

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